Big Thunder Marine Hosts a Well Attended LOTO Breakfast.

Between Reggie Fountain (the founder of Fountain Powerboats), Sue Morgan (the wife of the late Bob Morgan), Mark and Tiffany Maasen (of Poly Lift Boat Lifts), and the entire Big Thunder Marine team, including Fred Ross, Jeremy Anderson, Ed Champion and many others, this morning’s Poly Lift Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Poker Run breakfast at Big Thunder was as cool of a drivers’ meeting as any we’ve seen before.

Not only were there tons of boats at the recently resurrected marina in Gravois Mills, Mo., an awesome DJ playing music, several Fountain Powerboats and Donzi Marine models on display (including the first production boat built by Fountain), and a nice breakfast spread, there were several memorable speeches given by Morgan, Fountain, Maasen, Ron Duggan (the primary organizer behind the Shootout), and Joe Curran (COO of Iconic Marine Group).

Fountain, who was excited to join Iconic Marine Group—the company behind Baja Marine, Donzi and Fountain—a few weeks ago, spoke to the crowd for a few minutes after signing dozens of autographs for his fans. He wished the poker runners a safe day on the water and also informed them that he was back with Fountain to build the safest, fastest, best-handling boats on the water and to go after the V-bottom kilo world here to read full story.



Check out the slideshow above for more images from today's poker run breakfast at Big Thunder Marine.

“Having Reggie Fountain there this morning was incredible,” said Devin Wozencraft, the owner of Wozencraft Insurance who brought his outboard-powered Skater Powerboats catamaran out from California for the poker run and Shootout. “I’d never met Reggie before so for him to take the time to come to the run and speak to everyone was pretty special.”

After a day of stops across the lake, the poker run teams finished the day with a dinner at Captain Ron’s in Sunrise Beach—the host location for the Shootout. All in all, it was a safe, fun day on the water according to Wozencraft and many of the other participants who stopped by the trailer that was parked in front of Captain Ron’s (and will be Saturday and Sunday as well).